Christians Unite Initiative




Our mission is to unite all Christians (all denominations) Worldwide under a common Initiative, where our main objective is dominating the "smut" filled entertainment industry with music, film, literature etc... that has a high moral standing.


Our principle belief is that the youth and adults of today are being brainwashed/deceived by an evil globalist de-humanist plot that owns the vast majority of the world media. These globalists use their vast power to dominate the music charts/bestseller novels/film/documentaries/cartoon industry etc. with content that is aimed at distorting our most basic social fabric.


We believe that through our affiliation program we would stand a chance of breaking through/out buying the huge money/media/power advantage that the globalists have.


PLEASE NOTE: We are always on the lookout for Christian themed or in other words “high moral” original music/photography/video/films/documentaries/cartoons/digital novels/poetry the future we plan to use the same affiliation/sales formula to also dominate these other above could be our next best seller, get involved today and spread the word, the time is now...



For example We have set up a Christians Unite Initiative record label that will release Christian or in other words "high moral" albums and compilations into the world wide charts. We plan to do this by affiliation, where if you have an on-line shop you can sell our digital download products, you take 100% of  sales revenue, we all get the chart hits and we all get to make our combined point. A “high moral” alternative to what is dominating the entertainment industry right now.


You could be an Christian individual/NGO/charity/business/political party/movement/independent media company and so on, you stand to benefit 100% from our affiliation program, financially and morally.



Thank You very much and God Bless.




1 – We believe that the soul enters the body at the moment of conception and therefore we are completely against the “barbaric” act of abortion on all grounds.


2 – We are strongly against the LGBT+ agenda. We believe that changing your sex is a mental illness and should be treated as so. We also believe that the idea of children having sex changes and anyone that “brainwashes or deceives” these children is pure evil and also guilty of a mortal sin.


3 – Marriage is a Christian Sacrament so we are strongly against same sex marriages in any Christian Church. If same sex relationships wish to be “legally bound”, they must do so in a registry office.


4 – We strongly believe in the family unit so we are against the adoption of children by same sex relationships. I'm sure there are many same sex couples that would be great parents, however the LGBT+ movement has been infiltrated by pedophiles which puts children available for adoption at too much of a high risk. Perhaps there is a solution to this, if we think of another solution or one is presented to us, we may change our stance on this; until then this is our stance. We also believe only the parents of a child has the full right to decide what is best for their child and what is not. We are against state ownership of children.


5 – We reject Satan, his globalist minions and all the evil in this world, we reject the mass-immigration attack on the Western World and all the other deceptions of this globalist de-humanist plot.


6 – We strongly believe in Nationalism. We believe the key to a better world lies in every Country rediscovering it's National identity. If someone comes to your Country they respect your traditions and if you go to their Country you respect their traditions.


7 - We strongly believe in Freedom of Speech, therefore we are against PC culture/hate speech laws and SJW's.


8 – We are strongly against injustice/abuse of power in the civil service and political policing.


9 – We strongly believe water is a human right and that human rights come before corporations always.


10 - We are staunchly against cultural marxism (see more)